About encryption

About encryption

SHIPKA PCDST provides you with everything you need to encrypt files stored in your computer or sent via the Internet in the course of your personal communication. You do not need to have any special skills or follow any complicated procedure.

The file encryption and signature software including key management (key generation, export, import and deletion) has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

You need to select the File Encryption and Signature option in the Utilities menu, click on the "key" icon in the new window, and the Key Management window will open.

You can generate an encryption key to be used in the future as well as share the keys generated by your SHIPKA device with a friend's SHIPKA (this procedure is easy to follow and is described in detail in the manual).

You can assign descriptions (in any language!) to your keys in SHIPKA PCDST for convenient usage. You can provide the key with a description, for example, for sharing with Andrew, in order to define what key to use to make Andrew be able or NOT ABLE to decrypt a file.

You have to follow the steps described above only once, and then you will be using SHIPKA PCDST according to the following approximate procedure.

Plug the device in the USB port, select the File Encryption and Signature option, find the file you need to encrypt and click Encrypt. SHIPKA will prompt you to select a key for encryption (we will remind you that this is important if you are sharing encryption keys with one or more of your friends).

Then you can email the file, leave it where it is now or save it to some other carrier.

To decrypt a file, click Decrypt in the same program (your SHIPKA or your friend's SHIPKA), and the device will select a key from the available keys or will inform you that the proper key is missing.

Please note that following this procedure is not difficult for the user at all but rules out any possibility for undesirable persons to "accidentally" open the file. The file is decrypted only after you click Decrypt (it is practically impossible to click this icon by chance) and only after you enter your PIN code (i.e. even if you have left your SHIPKA device near the computer or plugged it in, other people will not be able to make use of it).

In addition to being sure that nobody can open the file when you are away, you cannot open its content and display it on the screen by accidentally clicking it from the Explorer or some other software (when you attempt to open an encrypted file, it is unclear what type your file belongs to, i.e. whether it is a document, image or game).

There is only one thing to remember: when you have decrypted a file using SHIPKA, its decrypted copy is saved to the same folder where its encrypted version is stored. If you do not need it anymore, delete the decrypted file without deleting the encrypted one.