PCDST line of SHIPKA family


Work with SHIPKA's own programmes

After the installation of software and the customization of SHIPKA, the following independent functions become available:

  1. Encryption and signing of files;
  2. Generation and viewing of certificates;
  3. Secure login to the OS;
  4. Authorization assistant.

The purpose of the programme "Encryption and signing of files" can be understood from its name. It is important that the keys are generated with the help of a physical random number generator, stored in the secure memory of the device and never get into the computer's core memory, since cryptographic operations are also performed within the device.
Public keys and encryption keys can be exported for sharing with subscribers, it is a simple procedure described in the User Manual. Symmetric keys are exported in a secure form (encrypted).

The programme "Generation of certificates" will help you to issue a self-signed certificate or create a request for a certificate to the verification center. The structure of the certificate meets the X.509 standard.

"Customization of a secure login to the OS" can replace the login to Windows through your login and password to a login through SHIPKA and its PIN-code. In this case the protection is strengthened not only through the "second factor" (connection of the device), but also through the fact that the user is authenticated not in the operating system, but in SHIPKA's processor, which cannot be modified. In this case one SHIPKA can be used to login to all the computers where the user is registered.

"Authorization assistant" is a programme which records the data input in authorization forms and offers to fill them automatically (SHIPKA will not confuse the passwords for different services, and, what is more important, these data are stored in its memory securely).

Work with standard applications

SHIPKA can be used for cryptographic protection of e-mails ‑ in programmes Outlook, OutlookExpress and The BAT! (using both PKCS #11 and CSP) - you just need only customize these programmes for work with SHIPKA as described in the User Manual.

One can obtain public key certificates in the verification center in a regular way using PCDST SHIPKA ‑ the only nuance is that you need to indicate a crypto provider for SHIPKA in the list of crypto providers in the form of the verification center.
SHIPKA can be used for secure login to the Windows domain, as well as in a number of data security systems, focused on the use of SHIPKA or involving the work with smart cards.

Own software shell

Finally, the last thing to mention is Privacy software shell for working in OpenPGP ideology specifically designed for PCDST SHIPKA. It is not included in the standard software of PCDST SHIPKA, being a separate product. Privacy can help you to manage keys, encrypt files and folders, create secure virtual disks and secure e-mail or ICQ messages with the help a digital signature or encryption. For this purpose you do not need to change the settings of mail or ICQ programmes, all the necessary settings are set directly in the interface of Privacy.