SHIPKA in Card Format

New products by OKB SAPR: increased performance personal CDSS

When working with PCDSS with a USB interface under mobile conditions, the increased performance of PCDSS is often needed to implement the encryp-tion algorithms. Here is a typical example: it is nec-essary to encrypt the disk content or network traffic on a laptop when it is technically unfeasible to install a fixed CDSS on the laptop or it is inadmissible to mount a CDSS for security reasons.

Using a PCDSS with a USB interface fails to pro-duce an acceptable level of the integral perform-ance reduction even if the PCDSS features such an interface as USB 2.0 High Speed because USB interfaces are basically unsuitable for processing mass and multiple task queries, in particular, in case of bi-directional data exchange.

OKB SAPR has developed and offers its brand-new line of Shipka CDSS products to deal with such problems: Shipka Express, Shipka Cardbus and Shipka CF.

The first two products are to be used on laptops equipped with ExpressCard and PCCARD/CardBus slots, respectively. The performance of the CDSS is similar to that available in fixed Accord 5.5 CDSS due to PCI-Express and 32-bit 33, MHz PCI interfaces, respectively.

It is quite possible to use such CDSS on desktop computers equipped with appropriate standard card adaptors.

In this connection, it should be noted that desk-top computers equipped with a slot to support the ExpressCard solution have become available recently.

The Shipka CF CDSS is based on the standard Compact Flash Type 2 memory card. This makes it possible to use it as a part of any equipment (includ-ing palmtops) equipped with slots for such memory cards.

The performance and possibilities of the CDSS are mainly compatible to those available in Shipka 1.7 CDSS.

All three products can startup a computer (if the BIOS of the main computer allows this) and have a sufficient volume of nonvolatile memory to allow the operation of the software being started. Thus, it is possible to use them as a DSS PUA when neces-sary.

In fact, the devices are in-between Shipka PCDSS and fixed Accord 5.5 CDSS, thereby occupying the niche of high-performance PCDSS.