About the device

About the device

SHIPKA is a USB device (i.e. it is absolutely impossible to plug it in any incorrect way), which in fact is a specialized computer of flash memory size. This computer is equipped with its own processor running cryptographic algorithms absolutely independently, i.e. without using the processor of the computer in the USB port of which you have plugged SHIPKA in. It also features everything a regular computer has - memory, input/output ports, etc.

Thus, cryptographic data security means encryption and electronic digital signature (EDS), in the first place.

Advanced users know it is possible to encrypt a file or sign it electronically without any additional devices - just by using the software to be installed on the computer. Why do we need SHIPKA at all in this case?

To eliminate the "bottlenecks." That is, how and where your data are transformed.

The first bottleneck is how the key (or key pair) is generated and where it is stored.

Generating keys in the computer is dangerous because it is an unreliable medium, which enables intruders, for example, to make the user use a pre-stored key or to generate a key that can be easily stolen. SHIPKA generates keys independently: it is equipped with a physical random number generator.

Storing the key in computer memory is dangerous because there are different ways of getting it or restoring it from memory. Moreover, users may need not only to use the keys on their own computer but also save them to different carriers, which is even more dangerous! When using SHIPKA, the keys are always accessible to the owner and can never be used by anyone else.

The second bottleneck is whether transformation has been carried out in a correct way. Intruders can modify the computer software in such a way that, instead of encrypting, it will perform some other operations, which will not protect but destroy your data. Moreover, even provided the transformation is carried out in a correct way, nothing can prevent the intruder from snatching the key.

SHIPKA protects your data without using the computer software: it does not need to use it because it is a computer in itself. At the same time, it is impossible to modify the SHIPKA software in any way. Therefore, SHIPKA is a reliable medium, and you can rely on the transformation it carries out.

For all that, SHIPKA is a small device, which is easy to use.

Prior to using it, you need to take several simple steps to get it ready to work (it is much easier than to adjust the navigator in your car).

Software from the mini disk is installed according to a standard procedure.

After you have initiated SHIPKA (entering the PIN code, etc.), you can start working.