It is not a secret that data are valuable not only for their lawful owner. So the owner’s desire to keep them in secret is very understandable.

Until now, keeping the data in secret made it impossible to operatively work with them, because you cannot carry such data on a flash drive, for example. But the times have changed.

We offer a product line under a common mark «Secret» designed specially for secure work with data on USB-carriers.

«Secret» is a special data carrier. If you use a «Secret» you can be sure that the data you store in your «Secret» will be available only on your predefined computers. In this case other data carriers cannot be used on your computers, and you cannot copy the data to a carrier which you have brought.

A part of this solution, which is common for the entire line of «Secrets», is the installation of special internal software and the programmes installed on the user computer. These programmes allow you to open the secret (a secure part of the device memory) on a number of computers limited and pre-determined by the owner.

Such a restriction is very important because there is no sense in trying to steal the «Secret». What is the sense in stealing if you can open it only on the computer of the lawful owner?

However, limiting the number of computers where this or that «Secret» can be opened is of great importance not only for the direct user, but also for the owner of the information system, since this will not only protect work secrets from loss caused by negligence or theft, but also allow to develop a policy so that an unreliable employee will not be able to open the work secret on his/her home computer or a computer of his /her new employer.

Secrets are different, that is why nowadays our range includes three different complexes. The common thing is that the user data, the confidentiality of which he wants to keep, are stored in a closed part of the device memory, and one can open that «Secret» only on the computers predetermined by the owner such data.

Personal Secret

«Personal Secret» is the cheapest device in the line designed to protect user personal data stored in his/her «Secret», including in case of a loss of this carrier. As a rule, they are used on one or more home computers.

Business Secret

«Business Secret» is a corporate solution that includes, in addition to the required number of «Secrets», authentication and registration servers equipped with data security tools that provide a level of protection, proportional to the network scale.

This solution is ideal for networks with up to 1000 users per one authentication server.

Special Secret

It is designed for employees charged with the work with data, the confidentiality of which is vital, but which should be stored in the service carrier and transferred by the employee between different computers as part of his service duties (not only between those fixed by the system administrator in the list of permitted workstations).

The major difference of a «Special Secret» from a «Personal Secret» and a «Business Secret» is that its hardware log records all attempts of work on different PCs, regardless of whether the attempt was successful. If «Special Secret» was connected to a PC, this information was recorded in its log, which cannot be edited by the user.
The administrator can impose a ban on working with «Secret» on the computers not included in a preliminary defined list. If there is no such a ban, the user can connect «Secret» to «foreign» computers, under his personal responsibility, since this information will be recorded in the log.

It is important that the work with «Special Secret» does not require the installation of any special computer software, so you can work with computer equipment, the administration of which is difficult or impossible (internet cafes, counterparty enterprise’s computers).

The possibility to determine a «white» list of computers enables the employees to work on their home PCs or laptops, if the company’s security policy allows this, but to ban the work on the rest of computers.

An employee using «Special Secret» is an employee with a high level of responsibility for the consequences of his work with the data entrusted to him.

We protect some secrets especially carefully. Therefore, every product in this line includes a special type of carriers supporting the function of encryption of data stored in «Secret». While ordering you can choose a «Secret» with or without such encryption function.

The main thing is that everyone has a secret or, more truly, many secrets. So, there should be several «Secrets». If we care about Business Secrets or cherish professional secrets, it does not mean that we should not have personal secrets.

This is exactly what we took into account while providing you with a possibility to store all you need in your «Secret».