Key management

Key management

You can generate keys and key pairs via PRIVACY using SHIPKA PCDST, work with symmetric keys previously generated in SHIPKA PCDST, import and export the keys, sign imported public keys and delete keys and key pairs.

The interface features icons that easily distinguish between different types of the keys: GOST (Russian State Standard) and RSA keys (keys with the red and blue buttons, respectively), imported public keys and key pairs (one and two keys, respectively), signature keys and symmetric encryption keys (one or two keys with the ring and "golden" symmetric key).

Email and ICQ messages are encrypted using asymmetric cryptography (i.e., they are encrypted or signed using key pairs). As for files and folders from the hard drives as well as virtual disks, they are encrypted using symmetric cryptography (based on symmetric keys being encryption keys).

User can interchange public keys by means of emailing public key certificates or transferring them in any other way (using a floppy disk or flash memory).

PRIVACY supports two types of certificates: built-in and X.509 format. The built-in public key certificate format is intended for PRIVACY users and comprises all information necessary to verify the authenticity of the public key.

Supporting the X.509 standard enables users to interchange encrypted messages with users of other software products based on asymmetric cryptography and applying certificates of this type being standard for most applications.