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In case you are interested in cooperation with us with respect to information security products, we offer you taking the following steps:

  • A company, which is interested in cooperation with us, should write us a letter in English or in Russian, in which it should indicate its interest in certain types of cooperation, including the names of the relevant products and expected number of such products;
  • In response to such a letter we will execute and provide you with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA);
  • Upon signing of the NDA by both parties, we will provide the company with all the information, in which it is interested;
  • After the company gets acquainted with this information, we will cooperate with it to develop requirements to improvement of the product (if necessary) and after that we will introduce such improvements (probably involving the customer company);
  • After that we will deliver all the documents to the company, conclude a license agreement and start manufacture and supply.

The terms of the license agreements are very favourable; the only limitation is that the company will not be authorized to sell the products in Russia.