Accord-U is a hardware and software complex, which combines the functions of TSHM and the ones of cryptographic data protection.

It is built on controllers Accord-5.5, which include a hardware cryptographic subsystem, and it consists of controllers equipped with a USB-host (Accord-5.5 or Accord-5.5.e), a periphery (user identifiers (PCDST SHIPKA in the basic version), readers (USB in the basic version), EATX-breaker) and special software "Accord-U" on a CD.

Special software "Accord-U" represents libraries and user utilities for customizing and applying the cryptographic part of the complex.


Complex Accord-U ensures a trusted startup of the operating system and allows to protect files using encryption mechanisms and digital signatures.

The cryptographic functionality of Accord-U includes encryption, digital signatures, hash function, key generation, as well as long-term storage of keys and certificates.

Nowadays Accord-U operates only with Russian encryption and signing algorithms.

Main specifications:

The implementation of cryptographic operations is hardware-based in relation to the PC; the key information never leaves the device in an open form. Keys are generated in Accord with the help of a physical random number generator and are securely stored in its memory.

Programme interfaces CryptoAPI and PKCS#11 are implemented in Accord-U, through which third-party applications using these interfaces can run on the device.

Accord-U is fully compatible with PCDST SHIPKA: devices can exchange keys and perform all the counter operations (one can decrypt the material encrypted through SHIPKA with the help of Accord-U, and vice versa; one can check signatures developed by Accord-U with the help of SHIPKA, and vice versa). Given this fact, it may be reasonable to construct systems that combine these two types of devices. This will allow developing a solution, which will be flexible enough in terms of cost and friendliness.

User programmes for Accord-U are identical to software programmes from SHIPKA, so the application of the cryptographic possibilities of the complex will not cause difficulties for those who have experience of working with SHIPKA.


The certificate of compliance of Accord-U with the requirements of the Federal Security Service of Russia to CDSS of KC3 class.

The certificate of compliance of Accord-U with the requirements of the Federal Security Service of Russia to CDSS of KB2 class.