Trust: is it subjective or objective?

We tend to be surrounded by people we confide in, thus leading our life and forming an "intimate circle" comprising the ones we are close with by moods and spirits. They back up us but they are our sore spot at the same time.

Bad guys always make use of this. Being at home, people let their hair down, become careless and can open the door to wrong people. When someone calls and tells you that your dear ones are in trouble or have had an accident, this makes people give large sums of money to swindlers. We often take everyone staying with us under the same roof as a close person, we can rely on nurses, sick attendants, housemaids or domestic servants and sometimes find ourselves in a delicate situation. It goes without saying it is betrayal on the part of your folks that is most painful.

All email users have often received all sorts of spam from accounts belonging to the people they are well familiar with. To be sure, this does not make you panic, you can just wonder what people can do in pursuit of illegal profits.

This makes you think over the usual question: who actually replies to your emails addressed to your old schoolmate or canoeing partner?

Funny stories about ICQ conversations ending in phrases like "well, I'm her husband" will not be so funny anymore. Even if your behavior is blameless and you have nothing to fear about, this is not very convincing.

People prefer protecting their privacy not only when it is a question of something immoral or illegal.

If so, you should not be tormented by suspicions or cultivate delirium of persecution. There is a way to enable you to solve two of the most important problems in the today's world:

1. to protect from others what you want to hide away; and

2. to make sure you are communicating with the person you have meant to get in touch with, and make sure he or she receives what you have written to him or her, and vice versa.

This way is SHIPKA (Russian abbreviation for Encryption, Identification, Signature, Authentication Codes) Personal Cryptographic Data Security Tool (PCDST).

The following several sections will tell you how to find simple and correct solutions to the key contemporary problems using the SHIPKA PCDST.